Simpert Reiter GmbH travellunch – Manufacturer of outdoor and trekking food

With its travellunch brand, the company Simpert Reiter is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor and trekking food. When properly packaged, it keeps for up to five years. With our tasty, high-quality specialised nutrition, we help facilitate adventure trips and expeditions.

Keeps for up to 5 years

Safety and quality are at the forefront

Our main focus is on fast, easy-to-prepare meals. For three decades now travellunch has been offering ultra-light food for outdoor tours in some of the world’s most remote regions. Countless participants on a wide variety of expeditions use our dehydrated food products.

The tasty, nutritious travellunch meals are produced under bacteriologically safe conditions and, in addition, they contain no preservatives. The extremely light pouches weigh only around 17 grams when empty. They are easy to pack and simple to dispose of. Simpert Reiter GmbH fills these pouch bags with more than 100 travellunch products (muesli, main courses, desserts, soups, supplementary products).

The products can be purchased in single or double packs.

With the meals from the trekking food range, you can be sure that your body is receiving a full and balanced supply of nutrients.

More than 100 different meals

  • Tasty and nutritious
  • Produced under bacteriologically safe conditions
  • Contain no preservatives

Quick and easy to prepare

travellunch has stood the test even during the toughest, most demanding physical challenges. With soups, desserts, snacks and drinks, it covers all nutritional needs throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

All the meals come in practical stand-up pouches that make preparation a breeze. You can stir boiling water directly into the travellunch pouch and eat straight out of it too saving you the hassle of cleaning pots and plates.

A one-day ration of food could include, for example, muesli, a portion of paella, pasta in creamy herb sauce, a mineral lemon drink and four additional sesame trekking bars. Everything is nutritious and quick to prepare while you’re out and about.

Daily rations to suit all requirements

  • Breakfast
  • Main meal
  • Snack and drinks


Quality certificate for small food businesses