Supplies for rescue workers worldwide

Uses of travellunch

  • In drills
  • For longer missions/assignments
  • For missing person searches and rescue dog assignments
  • Large scale emergencies – mass injury
  • Emergency assignments – e.g.
    • Flooding
    • Major/multi-vehicle accidents
    • Train accidents
    • Earthquakes
  • For food provisions in control centres:
    • Power supply plants
    • Nuclear power plants
    • Telecommunication centres

Benefits of travellunch

  • Quick and easy to prepare, only boiling drinking water needed
  • Keeps for 5 years without refrigeration
  • Ultra-light thanks to freeze-dried portions
  • Sturdy and durable stand-up pouches also ideal for serving
  • Can be transported in cargo planes without pressure compensation
  • Minimal pack dimensions and waste
  • Hygienic and balanced food supply
  • Varied and long-term menu planning possible thanks to good choice of main courses

Rescue services & emergency management with travellunch

  • Allows you to fill any supply gaps in short-notice assignments and those which can’t be planned in advance
  • Eases assignment logistics:
    • Buying can be planned long-term
    • No training or provisions vehicles needed
    • Straightforward and easy storage
    • Can supply in small amounts with a good choice of meals
    • Optimum self-catering for rescue workers across different locations
    • Decentral supply also for smaller units


Our clients include:

  • Deutsche Bundeswehr (German army) – EPA light (ration packs) and components for EPAs for more than 20 years
  • Austrian Armed forces (KFOR & EUFOR deployment in former Yugoslavia and UN missions)
  • Further European armies
  • Humedica
  • Rescue services & emergency management:
    • THW (SEEWA and international assignments)
    • Johanniter Unfallhilfe (accident rescue services) (Field Camp Hammelburg)
    • DLRG Westfalen (association which rescues people from drowning) (land assignment drills)
    • Hong Kong Red Cross (initial rescue teams/first on scene)
  • Alfred-Wegener-Institute (Polar and marine research): equipment/provisions for research ice breakers