Product catalogue overview

The travellunch range of products includes numerous tasty variations to ensure you enjoy a nutritious, healthy diet whatever kind of venture or activity you are undertaking.

The travellunch products are divided into the following categories:

A good breakfast ensures that your day gets off to a healthy, balanced start.

There is a huge variety of travellunch main courses to choose from.

Meat dishes, vegetarian meals, gluten-free options – there’s something to suit every taste and every situation.

The delicious desserts from travellunch offer the perfect way to round off your meal, adding a sweet finishing touch to a successful expedition.

Soup is always a great option, whether you eat it as a starter, a snack or a main course.

Often food alone is not enough to cover your nutritional requirements. travellunch, therefore, also offers nutrient-rich products to supplement your diet.

The travellunch range of products includes additional supplements that you should always have with you, whatever you’re doing.