WHOLE EGG POWDER approx. 10 eggs

Additional information
Weight 125 g
Energy per 100 g

2274 kJ/547 kcal


40 g of which saturates 13 g


1,7 g of which sugars 1,7 g


45 g


1,2 g

Amount of Water

upon need

About us

With its travellunch brand, the company Simpert Reiter is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor and trekking food. When properly packaged, it keeps for up to five years.

With our tasty, high-quality specialised nutrition, we help facilitate adventure trips and expeditions.


travellunch has stood the test even during the toughest, most demanding physical challenges. With soups, desserts, snacks and drinks, it covers all nutritional needs throughout the day from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

All the meals come in practical stand-up pouches that make preparation a breeze. You can pour boiling water into the pouch and eat straight out of it too, saving you the hassle of cleaning pots and plates.

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Made in Germany

All the travellunch products are manufactured in Germany and contain highest-quality ingredients.